We come from diverse backgrounds and are looking to create a special kind of housing in the Providence RI area, sometimes called ecoVillage and also known as cohousing.

In either case, it is private home ownership (usually as a condominium) with shared common spaces & activities.

In future postings, we will give examples of cohousing that has been built elsewhere in New England and the USA.

Update Dec, 2017:  Things are getting more active.  We have toured cohousing places in Jamaica Plain and Pioneer Valley, looked at numerous sites to build throughout Providence and nearby, contacted Brown University & RISD, met with 2 consultants for financing and for design, and had our first public meeting Nov. 9.  Our list of interested people is now at 21.

Would you like to learn more?
Do you have sites suitable for development?
Please post and let us know.

Or email either Audie Jennings  or  Gary Leib:
jennings.audie at gmail dot com
gehro at aol dot com

(The above addresses are shown in camouflage form, so as to prevent the auto-hacking apps from sending us spam.   Just copy an address above and convert it back to normal: no spaces, “at” becomes @, and dot = .  Then paste into your email program.)

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5 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. HI Guys, I would like to meet you on Sunday. I’m starting a project in Cambridge – Valerie Paul part of group – and would like to see what you are up to as well. I’m coming to Providence on Sunday to see my sister. Perhaps then. Carol Kunik 610 220 5500


    1. Yes, please contact us at gehro aol.com
      or call 787*5158
      You probably know the prefix for the cell phone. Not given here to avoid robot calls.
      I replied a few days ago to your Q on the Facebook page.


  2. Our next meeting:
    Thursday Dec. 7 at 7:30 pm
    at Rochambeau Library,
    708 Hope Street, Providence, RI
    in the computer lab room, downstairs.
    When you come down the stairs or elevator, turn left and go to the room straight ahead.


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In Providence RI, creating a modern place to live — with private homes and shared spaces.